Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagles Offseason - Part 2 -UPDATED

So as the Eagles go into Free Agency they have some area's that need some serious attention. But the only problem is that this is not a deep free agency class. There are a couple of big name guys, that will get huge contracts from teams with more money. But after that there isn't much. So I'm going to into this in the way I think the Eagles will go. Not really what I want them to do, but what I think they will do. The Eagles need some major retooling this offseason, an down the line they are going to need help at almost every position. Let's start on offense.

Quarterback - I really believe that Donovan McNabb will return to normal. He will be the starting QB next season barring someone offering the Eagles at least two first round picks, and/or him getting injured which is very much possible. The Eagles honestly think that they are a couple of players away from being a true contender. I'm not so much a believer of that. With that don't expect to see a Kevin Kolb appearence just yet.

Running Back - Brian Westbrook is the franchise right now. Bottom line. He goes out for a significant amount of time, and the Eagles are in trouble. I love Westbrook but he is fragile. The fact that he didn't practice at all last season says a lot. He's probably got about 2-3 years left in the tank. As far as his back-ups ago, we still have Buckhalter as the number 2 and then we have Tony Hunt, who had ten carries last season and did not smell the field in the last seven games. It's infuriating how little that they play their young players. Had they given Winston Justice some play his rookie season we might have been able to avoid that debacle vs. the Giants last season. Bottomline, the Eagles should think about shifting some of Westbrook's load towards Hunt this season.

Wide Recievers - Most people are in agreement, with the exception of the Eagles front office and Howard Eskin, that the Eagles need to upgrade at WR. Kevin Curtis is a good WR but not a number 1. Reggie Brown just is not a good wide out. He's okay at best. He doesn't do anything great, but everything average. Thats about it. Don't give me Hank Baskett. He was a nice story his rookie season but he struggled last year, and doesn't seem have as much upside any more. Then you have Greg Lewis. Don't get me started on Greg Lewis. I would be here all day. So as usual, the Eagles need a solid number 1 WR.

Tight End - They actually have some depth here for this season. But they need to think about the future this season. If healthy, LJ Smith will have a very good season but he is not the future anymore. With the Eagles signing Smith, they must not think to much of Brent Celek. Celek is a decent TE, but more of a back up. They need a big playmaking TE. Like a Shockey, Gates, or Olsen type. I think they may let Schobel go, and add another TE.

Offensive Line - The Eagles O-Line is getting old fast. Jon Runyan and William Thomas are on the downside of their careers and will be Free Agents in 2009. It is time to start getting ready for them to be gone. We saw last season after Winston Justice got man handled by the Giants that they really need to start planning for the future. Herrimans, and Jackson both had rough seasons, and we really need to see what Max-Jean Gilles has. Expect them to sign a solid guard and tackle.

So as much as they want you to think they are as good as any team that was in the playoffs this past season, they are far from it. They are getting old fast, and this is going to be the last run with this core of players. Now let's look at who they will target on Offense.

Ben Utecht, TE - I know that I said they have good depth there but I think that Schobel could be cut, and Utecht would be nice 2nd or 3rd TE.

Ernest Wilford, WR - He is a poorman's Plaxico Burress. Big, Physical, good hands, but lacks big play ability. Also seems to disappear at times. That could be cause he played for the run happy Jaguars though. Has upside, if he isn't asking for much I would not be surprised to see the Eagles go after him.

Marty Booker, WR - Just got cut by the Dolphins. Veteran WR that has big play ability, good size, and is physical. I think they could get him on the cheap, which is what the Eagles love to do. Probably not the Eagles first choice but could be an option.

Randy Moss, WR - I don't really need to explain why they would target Randy Moss. ESPN's Chris Mortenson reported that if Moss hits the market the Eagles will offer him a $40M deal on the first day. The Patriots have 7 days from today to designate their franchise player, most likely it will be Moss.

Alan Faneca, G - Faneca is finally getting his wish to hit the free agent market. I think the Eagles might go down this road. Faneca is 31, but should have another good 5 years left and he is one of the top guards in the NFL.
Mushin Muhammad, WR - Mushin Muhammad was released on Monday, and I could see the Eagles being interested. Veteran guy. Big Physical. Could be an option.


Los said...

Where does Algae Crumpler fit? Is he worth pursuing?

ihatephilly said...

When I first saw that he was cut, I thought it could be a good idea to give him a shot here. But then again they just tagged Smith which means the Eagles will have to pay Smith around $4.5M. Crumpler is probalaly going to get a contract in that neighborhood,$3M-$5M per year. To me hes not really worth pursuing. Hes had a lack of motivation in the past couple of seasons, but that could be attributed to the Falcons just being a horrible team for the past 2 seasons. Bottom line, the Eagles should have waited till Feb.21st to name their franchise player, poor move on their part. Now would you chose, Alge Crumpler or LJ Smith? I think its a draw, and I might lean towards Alge just to see what would happen. Couldn't be worse than last season.