Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagles Offseason - Part 1.

The NFL Offseason has officially begun with teams franchising players and teams cutting dead weight. The Eagles have started by tagging TE L.J. Smith for what looks to be a 1 year/$4.5M a year contract. When the free agency period begins on Feb. 29th the Eagles will be about $17.17M under the cap. The cap in 2008 will be raised to $116M, up from $109M in 2007. The Eagles don't have a lot of money to play with this offseason which isn't all that bad cause there really isn't much out there. Asante Samuel, Lance Briggs, Randy Moss head the list of big name free agents. Randy Moss almost surely will be hit with the franchise tag so you can stop wishing for him right now. As far as the Eagles go, they really don't have a lot of players hitting the free agent market. And most the guys that they are losing, will still be on the free agent market come September. Most notable free agents, Reno Mahe, JR Reed, Jasello Hanson, and William James. Are you losing sleep over losing any of those guys. Didn't think so. Below is a list of important dates for the offseason.

February 7 - Commencement of 15-day designation period for Franchise and Transition Players

February 20-26 - NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana

February 21 - Deadline for teams to designate Franchise and Transition Players

February 28 - Deadline for submission of Qualifying Offers by teams to their Restricted Free Agents whose contracts have expired and to whom they desire to retain a Right of First Refulsal/Compensation

February 29 - Start of Free Agency and Trading period

March 17 - Begin Offseason Workout Programs

April 18 - Deadline for signing of Offer Sheets by Restricted Free Agents

April 25 - Deadline for old team to exercise Right of First Refusal to Restricted Free Agents

April 26-27 - NFL Draft in New York City

May 19-21 - NFL Spring Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia

July - All teams begin Training Camp

Coming next, Part 2:

Looking at the Eagles needs, and who they might target in free agency.


Admin said...

Awesome blog. Avid fan. So I heard on ESPN the Eags are prepared to offer Randy Moss a $40 million dollar deal if he hits FA.

ihatephilly said...

Thanks for the comment. I would love it if they got Randy Moss. He does have some issues. His motivation can be questioned considering how he acted in Oakland, and even at the end of his playing time in Minnesota. But I have to say I am Moss fan. Always have been, and would really like to him in Philly. He would open things up for eberybody and make everyone better.