Thursday, February 7, 2008

Eagles put Tag on L.J. Smith.

The Eagles have decided to put the Franchise Tag on L.J. Smith. The Eagles currently have a question mark at the Tight End position with Smith coming off a injury plagued season, and second year TE Brent Celek still being very much an unproven player. There was a clear hole at the TE position last year that needs to seriously be addressed. As far as tagging Smith it is a win-win situation for both parties for the 2008 season not so much the future. The Eagles will not have to pay Smith much and in return if healthy, he will be the starter and add depth. Smith on the other hand will get another chance to market himself after the horrible season he went through in 2007. If L.J. Smith is offered a contract by any team this season the Eagles have the option to match the offer or if they lose Smith get two first round draft picks in return. Now, if the Eagles do not make smart decisions this off season at the TE position it will haunt them down the line in 2009 and the years after. It took the Eagles about two seasons to bring Smith along when he was drafted. So they need make a decision and find out if Celek is the TE of their future or draft another this spring. Which probaly won't happen cause that would take the Eagles management admitting that they made a bad decision, and we know how much they like admiting mistakes. With that there is some talent at the TE position in this years draft. They should take a long look at USC's Fred Davis, and Texas A&M's Martellus Bennett.

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