Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Its a Philly thing. Sixers box office woes.

In case you haven't noticed, which I really don't expect anybody to, the Sixers are hurting bad with attendance. The Sixers are in the bottom of barrell ranking 27th out 30 teams. As of now they have not had a single sell out, and the biggest attendance they've had thus far was on opening night getting about 19,000 to attend. I knew the Sixers were going to be hurting with attendance this season when I was approached the Saturday before opening night. Here's how it went down and how desperate the Sixers were and still are. This young woman approaches me and my soon to be wife at the time. She's staring me down from about 10 ft and it was a little awkward. I was like, dude I'm with my chick. With this bubbley, ditsy voice she starts giving the cheeseist pitch ever. "Hey, Do you like sports?" I was wearing an Eagles hat, so yes I obiviously like sports. Yes I do. "Well theres this little team, the Sixers, have you heard of them? It was just so awkward. She was actually asking me if I have heard of the Sixers. I really couldn't believe what was happening. I thought I was being Punk'd. "Yes I know who they are." Then she hands me a stack of about 300 tickets. "Check'em out." Wow. These are tickets to, what did you call them, "the Sixers." "We are having a great deal right now, buy one get one free lower level seats." Any other time I would have jumped on that but I was getting married in 2 weeks and just didn't have the time to squeeze in a Sixers game. So I told her no thanks and tryed to hand the tickets back but she refused to take them. "what you don't like basketball?" She was questioning my fanhood, in front of my lady. What the fuck? No I love basketball, then I proceeded to tell her that I was getting married, and with this smurk and fake laugh she say's, "oh I'm sorry to hear that." Now mind you, it didn't bother me so much, but that shit was not flying with my wife. I for sure thought this chick was going to get punched "What did you say?" my wife says to the Sixers chick. The Sixers chick sensed the danger quickly,"I was just kidding.", grabbed the tickets and bounced. So what I got from this was that the Sixers must really be desperate to send out some lame ass chick with the worst sale pitch ever. So as of right now the Sixers are struggling to get people to come to games, they are hitting the promotions hard. Some are okay, but most are just lame. If you haven't seen the commercial for the Guys Night Out deal, man, I'm rushing to get in on that deal. I mean you do get an autographed Sixers Dancers poster, thats got to be worth, like a dollar or two. I would frame it, and hang it up in my living room. My wife would love that. Family Fridays (4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas for $99) - Got kids? Not such a bad deal. All You Can Eat (upper-level ticket, all the hot dogs, soft drinks, popcorn, chips, and salsa you want for $31) - They'll keep you busy eating, cause you won't be seeing the game from where your sitting. The last sign of the desperate times, the Sixer will most likely be playing a game in the Spectrum. According to a report that first appeared in Monday's Delaware County Daily Times, the Sixers are thinking about moving their March 22 game against the Nets across the street from the Wachovia Center, which opened in "96, to the Spectrum. Not such a bad idea. They will be knocking the Spectrum down probablly within the next year and this would be one last hoorah. Well not really hoorah. More like a hooahhhh. The Sixers are just that bad. Oh well, here's to the future.

Some other great promotions that you really should think about getting tickets for.

Guys Night Out (4 lower-level tickets, 4 domestic beers, 4 hot dogs, 4 Holt's Cigar passes, and 4 autographed Sixers Dancers posters for $149). - They stole this from the Heat. Probably the best deal, but I'm not rushing out to get in on this horrible promotion. Are you?

Prom Night. The only thing that would make this Prom Night promotion good is if at halftime they brought the team out to center court, then dumped buckets of pigs blood on them. Then have the
Wachovia Center burst into flames. If you've got a taste for terror.....take Carrie to a Sixers game.

Sci-Fi Night. Great combo. Basketball. and Sci-Fi. Rigggggght. Oh, and remember: next Friday... is Hawaiian shirt day. So, you know, if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. That'd be nice. Thannnnks.

2007-08 Promotional Schedule

Thursday, Feb. 7
Miami Heat
Gatorade Battle of the Bands

Saturday, Feb 9
Los Angeles Clippers
Teddy Bears Scout Night

Monday, Feb. 11
Dallas Mavericks
Magee Spokesman

Wednesday, Feb. 13
Memphis Grizzlies
Mr. Potato Head Giveaway courtesy of Gatorade, '83 Tribute Night, Dollar Dog Night
Mark Iavaroni and Franklin Edwards will be honored

Wednesday, Feb. 20
New York Knicks
"Gamble & Huff's Sound of Philly" Anthem ,Clash of the Choirs,
Musiq Soul Child will be honored.

Wednesday, Feb. 27
Orlando Magic
La Liga Gatorade Battle of the Bands

Friday, Mar. 7
Seattle Sonics
Faith and Family Gospel, Read for Ronald

Monday, Mar. 10
Boston Celtics
Rally Towels Giveaway, '83 Tribute Night, Dollar Dog Night, MASH Theme

Saturday, Mar. 15
San Antonio Spurs
Prom Night

Wednesday, Mar. 19
Denver Nuggets
Rally Rackets Giveaway courtesy of Chevy
Saturday, Mar. 22
New Jersey Nets
Sci-Fi Night, Filippino Heritage Night

Friday, Mar. 28
Phoenix Suns
Book Drive, Gatorade Battle of the Bands

Saturday, April 5
Atlanta Hawks
Kids Appreciation/ Hip-Hop's Birthday, Gatorade Battle of the Bands

Friday, April 12
Indiana Pacers
Faith & Family Post-game ,Christian Rock Concert, Tribute to Dance, Sixers Neighborhood Basketball League,
Singer Jeremy Camp will perform after the game.

Monday, April 14
Cleveland Cavaliers
Fan Appreciation Night
All Giveaway All the Time; Jerseys Off the Back
I really like the MASH theme. Umm, MASH. It's 2008 right. Okay just checking.

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