Friday, March 23, 2007

The Stallworth Debacle: He said, She said.

Its been roughly two weeks since Donte Stallworth signed with the Patriots and he was on the Howard Eskin Show on Thursday to clear the air, well kind of. The interview started with Eskin giving some softball questions, but then he went into what happened with Drew Rosenhaus. The interview started with Stallworth stating that he never wanted to leave Philly and that he loved it here. He also said that reports that he felt "unwanted", which were reported in the Daily News, were false. He felt like the Eagles always wanted him but in the end the two couldn't come to terms in a contract that both would be happy with. As far as his signing with New England he said he kind of looks forward to living in Foxboro away from all the city hype. When talking about the contract situation, Stallworth said there were teams that wanted to sign him for a one year deal, and teams that wanted to sign him to a multi-year deal. He claims via Rosenhaus, that the Eagles only wanted him to sign a one year deal, which is basically what he got from NE. A one year deal with ridiculous incentives for next season which Stallworth will never see. He said he wanted an option in his contract that could be picked up after next season, and claims the Eagles never offered that to him. The only way Stallworth would have signed a one year deal was if it was for $5M, which no team was willing to pay. When Eskin started to imply that Rosenhaus was lying to Stallworth about what the Eagles would have been willing to do, Stallworth said that Rosenhaus talked with the Eagles and they weren't going to change their offer, which is false, but okay Donte. In the end Stallworth said hes had Drew as his agent for two years and he trusts him and would take his word over the Eagles FO any day. The last topic they talked about was the leak of the fact that he is in the substance abuse program with the NFL. Stallworth said he thinks someone leaked it on purpose with the intent to hurt his stock in the free agent market. He went on to say that it could have been any body and that he doesn't put it past anybody, including the Eagles.
So who would you believe, Eagles FO or Drew Rosenhaus? Next question!

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