Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Eagles never had chance to sign Stallworth.

I know its over and in the past, but now that the dust has settled. Howard Eskin said on his radio show today that the Eagles never had a chance to give a counter offer to any of the offers Stallworth recieved. He is reporting that Drew Rosenhaus never let the Eagles get a chance to make a offer to Donte Stallworth. According to Eskin, Rosenhaus contacted the Eagles the first week of free agency asking for $5M next season and a signing bonus in the area of $12M(according to Daily News). The Eagles told him to see what he could get else where, come back and they will see if they could match it. The Eagles were willing to pay, according to Eskin, at least the $3.6M and would have paid a max of $4M. Heres were it gets interesting. Again, this is coming from Eskin, who has contacts within the league and Eagles front office. After the Eagles turned down Rosenhaus' offer of $5M, Rosenhaus reported back to Stallworth that the Eagles had offered $2M, which was not true, and that was going to be it. Meanwhile the Eagles were expecting to here back from Rosenhaus after Stallworth visited with Miami but never got a call. I just found it really interesting and I'm wondering how Stallworth feels about that. Of course he is in a good situation right now in NE, for this season, but you trust your agent to be up front and honest with you. In the meantime you have Rosenhaus behind his back making decisions for him. I do believe the Eagles should have tryed harder this past week to reach out a little more. But for all we know, they did but Rosenhaus could have been c*ck blocking them the whole time.

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