Monday, March 12, 2007

Joe Crede or Josh Fields could be in Phils future.

There are trade rumors flying around left and right with the Phillies. All pretty much are about CF Aaron Rowand and SP Jon Lieber. Right now Jon Lieber is doing a nice job of raising his stock for a trade that could come sooner than later. Coming out of Chicago are rumors that the White Sox want Aaron Rowand back on the team bad. But the Phils are not going to part with Rowand for nothing. In comes Lieber. The Phils have been trying to move him for weeks with no takers. Now that he is playing well, the White Sox are thinking a Rowand/Lieber could be the deal the Phils would be able to work with. In return the Phils would want at least Joe Crede or Josh Fields. I know who Joe Crede is, a very good third baseman, but I didn't really know much about Josh Fields. So I started to read some articles and scouting reports on Josh Fields. I really like what I've read about this guy. He is on the cusp of being a starter at 3rd base with the ability to play outfield if need be. Either Crede or Fields would be a great addition, but in different ways. On one hand you have Crede, who is a solid third baseman with 7 years experience in the league, coming off the best year of his career. On the other hand, you have a young player in Fields who could be the third baseman of the future. Fields was drafted by the White Sox in 2004 and has quickly made his way up to the majors. So right now the Phils should put some serious thought in to dealing Lieber/Rowand to the White Sox quick. The Sox are so in love with Rowand they might part with Fields or Crede. If they get Fields, he could play 3rd or take over right fielder after Shane Victorano gets shifted to centerfield. In the next 2 years he could be the missing link that would make the Phils infield the best in the league.

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