Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The NFL Draft Magazines are out.

In the words of my homie Ice Cube, I have to say today was a good day. I was driving home and realized it was March 4th. I thought for a minute, March 4th, March 4th, there is some reason why March 4th is important. Then it hit, NFL Draft Magazines. The Draft Geek in me was screaming March 4th and I almost forgot. Now something you might not know about ol'HatePhilly. I love the draft more than any other sporting event. It's true, you may say Super Bowl, or March Madness. Not me, I'm all about the NFL Draft. Its like a two month long event for me. The magazines, the horrible mock drafts people come up with, the scouting, and of course good old Mel Kiper and his big board. I like Mel sometimes but most of the time I just watch him for the shear entertainment of being annoyed. Same reason I listen to Eskin. Anytime I can take a swipe at Eskin I will. The scouting combine is the first leg of my triple crown of the NFL draft. The second was today, with Lindy's releasing their annual draft magazine. I like Lindy's but I'm more of a PFW guy. So I went to Barnes & Nobles which is on my way home and went right for the magazine section. There it was Lindy's 2008 Draft Mag. Then right next to it, PFW's NFL Draft mag. Jackpot. First week into March and I have two draft mags already and couldn't be more happy. Now normally I go right to the mock draft section and see what horrible pick they have the Eagles making. Almost every year they have the Eagles taking a WR or LB. I always think what the hell makes them think the Eagles will take WR or LB in the first around. It's funny, I guess from the outside they just look at the Eagles top needs and think thats how Eagles management make their decisions, when that couldn't be further from the truth. The Eagles will either draft a DL, OL, or CB in the first round. That's it. So to my surprise PFW had the Eagles landing South Flordia's Mike Jenkins. I would be okay with that. They have to draft a CB somewhere in the first three rounds. The Eagles need to start planning for the future and they are lacking depth at the CB position. Lindy's also has the Eagles taking a CB, but they had them taking Leodis McKelvin from Troy. Again, I like it. Wouldn't mind it. If he's there I could see them taking him. But with the signing of Asante Samuel, I think that pushes the need of a CB from first round to second or third round. And this years CB class is very deep.

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