Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Questions, Questions, Questions.

Will Brian Westbrook holdout? No.

Is Westbrook crazy for asking for $10M a year? Yes.

Will Lito Sheppard be traded? No.

Will McNabb get injured? Yes.

Is this McNabb's last season with the Eagles? Yes.

Will Kevin Kolb see any playing time this season? Yes.

Will Greg Lewis be on the roster come September? No.

Will Lorenzo Booker be Westbrook's back up? Yes.

How will the LB's perform? Above Average.

Will Asante Samuel be worth the money? Yes.

Who will start, Lito or Sheldon? Sheldon.

Can Stewart Bradley live up to the hype? Yes.

Will Trent Cole be better then he was last season? No.

Will Brian Dawkins break down again? No.

Will Desean Jackson help the offense? Yes.

How many TD's will Jackson score? 9

Who keeps a spot on the roster by getting hurt, McDougle or Moats? Neither.

Will the Eagles make the playoffs? Yes.

Many, many questions going into this season.


Anonymous said...

This is not McNabbs last year with the Eagles. And I have a quesion, you think the eagles weill win the superbowl.

ihatephilly said...

There are many factors that will determine weither this is McNabb's last season.

First is his health. If McNabb gets hurt again, depending on the severity, that is going to effect if he is here next season.

Next is his performance. he is going to have a consistant stellar year. He has to have in the 25-30 TD range and keep his interceptions below 15.

Finally, it comes down to the post season. If the Eagles do not make the playoffs, McNabb is gone. They have to at least make the NFC championship game for this to be a successful season. And even that could be an overstatement. The Eagles and this core of coaches and players need to win now. If not, changes are coming.