Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mike Doss to visit the Eagles today.

Today the Eagles will be getting a visit from free agent safety Mike Doss. Doss is a very talented safety who came into the league in 2003 being drafted by the Indianapolis Colts. Doss has spent the last 3 years with the Colts and tore his ACL in the middle of last season. That is a rough injury to come back from, but he would add depth for the Eagles at a very thin safety position. As it stands right now the Eagles would be going into next season with Dawkins, Considine, and Mikell. Depth at safety is very much needed and most think the draft is where it will come from. But adding Doss would help. Doss was a solid safety in college, playing for thee Ohio St. University. The only knock on Doss besides his injury, is he just hired a new agent, Drew Rosenhaus, captain douche bag himself. Don't get me wrong if I was a player, I'd hire him. Some how he's able to get okay athletes huge pay checks, and can re-negotiate anytime he feels like it. Rumor has it Rosenhaus sold his soul to the devil for good negotiating skills, a boat load of money, a Mexican landscaper and a bag of Lay's baked potato chips. For the record those potato chips, could be the worst chips in the world. I'm a kettle cooked chip man my self. As a joke to himself, the devil made Drew a bag of douche. Which to the devil was very humorous, but for Eagles fans has been anything but humorous. If any Mexican landscapers were offended after reading this, I apologize. But the fact is you guys can landscape your ass off, have a great work ethic and you work for very cheap. Which in turn is good for captain douche bag's profit margin.

Mike Doss Highlight Video from Ohio St.

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