Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Donovan !

Here's a big Birthday wish to one the most loved, and most hated, players in the history of Philadelphia sports. Me personally, I think D-Mac is one the top 5 greatest Eagles of all-time and by the end of his career here in Philly, he will be #1 on that list. People in this town have a little amnesia in remembering what this town was like before Donovan arrived here in '99. As a B-day present to Donovan, let's go back and remember together. Here's the list of QB's under center before Donovan, and after "The Great" Randell Cunningham, and I use the word great very loosely. Rodney Peete, Ty Detmer, Bobby Hoying, and who could forget Doug Pederson. Man those were some great times, lets reminisce for a couple of minutes. The Eagles record from '94-'98 was 36-43-1. From '94-'98 the Eagles scored a total of 1,467 pts and the defense allowed 1,705 pts. Now lets look at the other side of things. From 2000, the first year Donovan was starter, to 2004, the Eagles were 59-21. They scored 1,869 pts, and allowed 1,241. This was done mostly with average WR's, except '04, and no true running attack. The Eagles of '94-'98 had a couple of big time RB's in Hershall Walker and Ricky "Running" Watters, and still couldn't get the job done. So before you go and bash McNabb, for being inaccurate, though he is ranked 36th all-time in completion percentage in front of every QB in Eagles history, or for not being fan friendly, who would be friendly to a group of people who booed at his draft and never cut him slack at any time during his career here, take a long look at the Eagles of the past and you will see the Eagles of our future without McNabb. Happy Birthday D-MAC.

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