Monday, March 19, 2007

Tom Heckert: Chris Gocong to play LB and DE next season.

Eagles GM Tom Heckert was on the Jody Mac show today and had a lot of interesting things to say about the Eagles. He talked about the Safety position, Jeremy Bloom and the kick return situation for next season, Free Agency, Salary Cap, the Draft, and most importantly Chris Gocong.
  • The interview started off with Heckert saying that they feel good about the DE position as stands right now. He said they have a solid 4 guys at that position and that Chris Gocong could play there next season, I will get to Gocong at the end of this.

  • They also feel good about the Safety situation. They feel if they needed to , they could start Mikell if Consandine or Dawkins was to get injured. I hope they don't feel strong enough not to take a S with their first round pick.

  • He talked about the kick return situation for the Eagles and said, Jeremy Bloom and Bethel Johnson will be returning kicks next season, and if they had to, they would put Kevin Curtis back there cause he has experience returning kicks.

  • He went on to talk about the salary cap and free agency. He said they feel good about how they've done so far, but that they are still actively looking at free agents. When asked about cap space, Heckert said they would be able to move bonuses around to free up cap room if they had to, and that they would do that if a player comes along that they would like to make a deal with.

  • As for the draft Heckert said Compensatory drafts picks will be announced at next weeks NFL team meetings, and they are not expecting any picks for this season. Free agents signed this off-season will count in next years picks. As for the draft class, he said he felt that DE's, S's, and CB's were the strongest positions in the draft this year. That says a lot about which direction they are headed.

  • As for Chris Gocong. They are feeling very confident in him right now. He said he feels Gocong will play both the LB and DE position throughout the season. They feel he will be a strong LB this season, but if not he will play DE. He went on to say Gocong is up to 265, and has been working really hard since week 8 of last season. He's been hitting the weight room a lot and is prepared for this season.

So, I'm still not completely sold on Gocong, but I'm feeling a little more optimistic.

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Anonymous said...

Chris Gocong is a beast. Whatever he is missing in size, he will make up for in with his work ethic.