Sunday, March 11, 2007

Eagles "Please Don't" Draft Preview

At this moment, alot of Eagles fans are not happy with how management is doing this off season. There biggest signing as of now is a kick return specialist. Me personally, I'm fine with what has happened so far. Jeff Garcia, thanks for the memories, but he is now getting paid almost starter money in Tampa. He was good in the Eagles system but bottom line, Donovan is the starter. Stallworth, bye bye. Thanks for those couple of good games here and there but the money you want, your not worth it. Donte has never had near 1,000 yards in a season, never had more than 9 td's in a season, and most importantly has never played a whole season. Does he stretch the field and make some big plays, yes, but for the money you can get better. Enter Kevin Curtis. I'm hoping they sign Curtis. He wants to be a starter big time. Curtis and Stallworth are pretty much the same minus the hamstring problems and "other" baggage Stallworth has. Now I do think they should be trying to do little more then they have. If they at least acted like they were trying to pursue some good free agents, but lost out cause another team over paid, fans would not be so pissed. But honestly this has been one of the weakest free agent classes in a long time. Teams are throwing money around at okay players. Look at the 49ers, Nate Clements, $80 million. Clements is good, but hes not that good. So with that the fans in this town are pissed, and they think the draft will be no different. Me, I have hope for this years draft. There is plenty of talent in areas the Eagles desperatly need help in. I'm going to run down a list of players I would love to see in green and players I hope to god they don't chose. So with that I'm gonna start with who I do not like and why.

Please Do not Draft the Following:

Troy Smith,OSU, QB, 6-0, 210
Do I really need to state the obivious. Troy is to small to be a QB in the NFL,hello Arena League. He's listed in most places at 6-0 but came in just shy at the combine. Some mock drafts have Troy Smith going to the Eagles in the 2nd round. If that happens all hope is lost.

Paul Posluszny, PSU, OLB, 6-1, 237
Paul Posluszny's stock is rising cause of his recent performance at the combine. He really was a beast during college. After getting injured during his junior season he had a nice comeback season but I'm just not buying that he is going to be that great of a player in the NFL. When I saw him do the drills at the combine and just reading about him, I just get the feeling hes going to be a bust. I have flashbacks of Mamula, Arrington, amongst others who had great combines, were killer players in college but just never produced in the NFL. Plus I really think some team will be dumb enough to take him in the the middle of the first round, see NY Giants.

Dwayne Jarrett, USC, 6-5, 215

see Mike Williams. Don't know who Mike Williams is, stop reading this.

Sidney Rice, SCU, 6-4, 210

see Ashley Lelie. Has bust written all over him.

Any player(Except Brandon Meriwether) from the following colleges:

Florda St., Miami University(Except Brandon Meriwether), and Flordia. I just have a problem with those programs when it comes to the Eagles drafting from them. I feel like everytime someone picks a Jonathan Vilma or a Ed Reed, the Eagles pick a Jerome McDougle or a Brodrick Bunkley. I know its early but as of right now Bunkley is a bust. Time will tell and I think he can grow but will he. The knock on him coming out of college was that he was not a hard worker until his senior season. Sounds right, try really hard have a great season, get drafted early, get paid, and thats that.

In the first three rounds, no DT's, no DE's, and no Offensive Linemen.

Do I need to go into specifics here. Every year they waste valuable picks on players with some upside.

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