Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gillick: Freddy Garcia could be traded.

Pat Gillick was a guest on the Howard Eskin show on Friday and talked about a lot things.

The interview started with hot topic of the Phillies bullpen. Gillick said that they have been working the whole off-season trying to aquire bullpen help from numerous teams. He said that the market for bullpen help was not good right now, and that there were only about 2-3 teams that have excess bullpen help, and he was hoping that in the coming months that one of those teams would try and move some pitchers.

He said as it stands right now, they are going to have to rely on someone to step up from the bullpen that they have right now. Who does he think could emerge in the bullpen? Joe Bisenius or Zack Segovia.

When asked if the Phillies were at a point were they had to make a move, Gillick said it was highly unlikely that the Phillies would be making any trades at this point. He said its not from lack of effort, but that fact that the teams with extra bullpen help want to wait till the season starts and see how things turn out with injuries and such. He said the same goes for the Phillies with starters. They feel they need to keep Lieber for now in case a starter goes down.

But on the flipside of that, Gillick also made a comment that Freddy Garcia could possibly be traded somewhere down the line, and that "they can't rule out anything" when its come to trading one their starting pitchers. He said that if the right proposel came along they would not hold back on trading Lieber or Garcia. The whole interview was pretty much pitching talk as to be expected. One other note, when asked what would happen if Pat Burrell did not perform well protecting Ryan Howard at the 5th spot, Gillick said a change would be made.

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