Friday, October 12, 2007

Aaron Rowand has a list of demands, Croce would like to buy Phillies, and Two AL East studs could be in Philly.

One day after the Phillies cut ties with Nunez and the worthless Rod Barajas. There are rumors that Aaron Rowand has let teams know what they could be expected to pay if they would like his services. Quite frankly its comical. He would like a 6yr $84M contract. Wow. Umm your not Torii Hunter and your not Andrew Jones. I mean he had a career year, and was probably one of the best leaders on the Phillies the past 2 seasons, but that is a ridiculous demand. First off, there is no way he's worth 6 years. That money is guaranteed and 6 years is far to long for a guy like Rowand. And I do not know how the hell he thinks he is going to get paid $14M a season. Re-donk-u-lous is what that is. Funny part is the White Sox are so in love Rowand that they will probably end up paying close to that. Bye bye Aaron Rowand.

Pat Croce told the Daily News that he was not trying to buy the Phillies at this time. He did say that two years prior he tried to approach David Montgomery about making a deal but was turned down quickly. When asked if the team were to be on the market, would Croce again be interested? "Yes," he said. "I have people who would be willing to do it with me."

Rumors are running rampant over Philadelphia about the Fightin's and most include Mike Lowell, Curt Schilling, and Mariano Rivera. Wow, that would be a hell off a winter. Let's start with Mike Lowell. Good third baseman, but has stated recently that his first choice is the Red Sox. Personally I would like to see the Phils go after Joe Crede or Garrett Atkins. I wrote last spring that I thought they should have tried to make a deal for Crede or even Josh Fields. At the time Josh Fields was the back up and Crede was healthy. As far as Schilling goes, that would be a great signing on many levels. Fans have missed him since losing him back in 2000, plus hes still throws hard. Now for the Sandman to enter Philadelphia, would probably require a small miricle. First hes in love with Joe Torre. He looks into grandpa Torre's eyes and just melts. Second, if the Yankees kick him and Torre to the curb, believe he will be sitting in the bullpen up at Fenway playing the set-up role for Jonathan Papelbon.


Phillies get Joe Crede and Jon Garland trading away Pat Burrell (of course paying some of his enormous contract, and probably over $1M to Burrell to waive NTC) and some minor league players.

Phillies sign Curt Schilling.

Red Sox resign Mike Lowell and add Mariano Rivera to their bullpen.

Would love to see them trade for Dontrelle Willis but it would cost us Shane Victorino.

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